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PVCu Patio Doors

Patio Plus – Enhance a home

Welcome to Patio Plus, the new PVCu sliding patio door, produced by SGM.

Like all Liniar products, this patio door comes with all the latest design features as standard.

Manufactured from sculptured, ultra slim profiles, you’re guaranteed to generate the maximum amount of natural light.

'Crash' stops are hidden into the operating mechanism, and a bespoke wrap over threshold prevents scuff marks from day to day use. The appearance of a Patio Plus sliding door will be just as good years later.

Super smooth action – in addition to the elegant, slimline appearance, the Patio Plus benefits from being fitted with the revolutionary 'air-glide' system which gives it a really smooth and silent operation.

The multi-wheeled 'air-glide' system keeps your new patio door perfectly balanced while it moves along its track, as if it is floating on air – a fantastic feature exclusive to Patio Plus.

Security and strength – the Patio Plus sliding door is fitted with the ground breaking ModLok locking mechanism. Produced in partnership with Yale, the Modlok provides unparalleled strength combined with the highest levels of security.

Using four hook bolts, plus two shootbolts at the top and bottom, the security of the Patio Plus is far greater than any other product of its type.

Choice of finishes and handles colours –

handles are available in white, gold, chrome and black, and there’s a wide range of colours and foils to choose from.

Performance and environment – The Patio Plus is the most thermally efficient patio door on the market.

Using a uniquely designed five chambered system, and glazed with high performing double or triple glazed sealed units, the Patio Plus surpasses the highest energy performance standards currently in existence.

With the new Patio Plus making a real impact on keeping energy usage down, and being a 100% lead free PVCu extrusion, it is very much an environmentally friendly product. All elements of the door are designed to be easily re-cycled at the end of their lifetime.